Countin' down

Posted on 10th March 2010 in Chattin'

Are you countin’ Connie? Are ya? Huh? LOL! Five more big sleeps until I barge into your house demanding my tea , shoving people aside to get to the bathroom and the cackling can commence. ROFL! I am currently doing laundry and will hopefully have my bag packed tonight so I can grab it and go Sunday morning. If need be I will live in my jammies until then..LOL!! I am hoping for nice weather (means no snow) and very little traffic so I can be there in 5 1/2 hours. 😀 Why do I want to pack so early? Because 9 times out of ten I forget to pack something. Like socks. Like my pants. Like underwear. Socks and underwear are the first things on my list so there should be no brain farts….who am I fooling?! ROFL!! My tunes are all ready. I can listen to my local radio station up to Trenton which is almost 2 1/2 hours away so that is good but I need some rockin’ tunes to get me through the hills and dead zones where there isn’t even cell service. Music makes the trip fly faster…. 😛

Here’s one all loaded up for the drive….

Got through some of the tax crap. Steve’s are done so that is one mess out of the way. Today I’ll be doing mine and then hopefully the desk can stay clean for a week or so? Is that asking too much?! LOL! I have everything organized so it’s just a matter of sitting down in peace and quiet and plowing through it….

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The FedEx guy was here yesterday. Young, good looking guy shows up at the door. Cheddar comes running when he hears the doorbell with the tail/ass end wagging like crazy. Hottie opens the door and backs into the corner with his leg protecting himself  TERRIFIED of “my beast” as he called him…..I started to LMFAO because of this tough guy afraid of this….

The worst Cheddar will do is lick you to death or hump your leg if he really takes a shine to ya….

Whiskers (our obese cat) however isn’t impressed with Cheddar. Whickers gets bounced and body slammed and chased at least 5 times a day.

The cat HATES excercise and now he’s getting tons of it. He’s not happy with the new diet plan. ROFL!!! Cheddar chases the other cat, Snickers but he doesn’t body slam her or bite her tail. She is more friendly with the dog than Whiskers who hates everyone and everything. ROFL!!

Looky what I got?

Thanks so much Benita for showing me this!!!! Gorgeous!!! Benita used the last newsletter freebie for this beautiful LO!!

I went to the doctor’s on Monday and got my results. (first they had to FIND them because they lost them. That took 45 minutes…). The problem with my hands is mild rheumatoid arthrits, hyper-sensitivity to cold (should clear up when it warms up in late spring) and the tingling is because I have pernicious anemia. (just a fancy medical term for being B 12 deficient.) I take a B 12 vitamin everyday and the tingling goes away. The shoulder pain is tendonitis in the rotator cuff and bicep. I am now on the waiting list for physio but that is still 8 weeks away. I have stretches to do to try and get some mobility back. My goal is to be able to do up my own bra. Right now I can’t put my hand on my waist so I have a long way to go yet. Heat, ice and lots of ibuprofen for pain; but basically I am looking at another 3-6 months after physio before it’s healed and I have full motion back.

Well that’s the scoop around here (I think that’s all the scoop…) 😛 I have a ton of stuff to do today so I’ll sign off for now. Have a great day!!!

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2 Responses to “Countin' down”

  1. Okay! Now I am rockin’ out to this song and have creepy images in my head! LOL! but at least I am not scared of adorable dogs with food for names…Cheddar looks like a cartoon he is so cute…a little cartoon sheepez! Bouncie! Bouncie! What is is about Cute Delivery Guys with twisted fears? They run from my house and the smallest dog I have comes to the gate with me to sign. I tell them, wait…the really big dogs are in the house! LOL! But they are already in the Truck of Safety and punching the gas, a trail of fear smell in their wake! Okay now I am thinking of that video again…come here cute delivery guy… * duck tape rip *


  2. connie says:

    nope there are only 3 1/2 days left now. Yeah Imma countin’ too and imma not so patient …hurry the hell up sunday.

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