Gorgeous weather…to blog?

Posted on 30th May 2015 in Chattin'


It’s stinkin’ hot outside. Sunny and fabulous outside. However…it is also humid as all hell and I’m sitting inside , nice and cool with the fans going, blogging.

Weirdo is me. LOL!!

Whatever. I’m over it. 😛

It’s been a crazy busy month here as usual. My daugher is almost done Grade 10 and is swamped down with ISU’s, studying and exams in two weeks. She’s also been everywhere with three school trips and dance rehearsals for the end of year recital in three weeks. Add into the mix her part time job and my working nights and it makes for a very hectic schedule. Some weeks we don’t see each other very much but manage to keep in touch by text daily.

My mom had major surgery last week so I have been driving my brother nuts with texts for news and updates as my father cannot figure out mom’s cellphone. LOL!! She’s home and on the mend but it will be six weeks before she’s back to her old self. She will feel better next week I’m sure when she gets all the staples out.

What else is new? Lots of progress going on in the bathroom reno. The tiling is 90% done and now I have to pick a paint color. It looks pretty but I am really anxious to get this done and get the damn mess in the basement cleaned up. It’s been two year of chaos and dust from the first day he started tearing out the chimney. *rolling eyes*

I’m in the middle of installing Photoshop on my laptop so I’m looking forward to playing and regaining some peace and sanity. It’s been a long two years since I have created anything and I have missed it terribly.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Off to take the punk to work!!

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Spring (finally)

Posted on 3rd May 2015 in Chattin'

Holy Mother Nature took her own sweet time showing up this year. We had a snowfall two weeks ago. Thankfully it only lasted a few hours but it was enough to give everyone a heart palpitation or two. 😛 This past weekend has been simply gorgeous. LOTS of warm sunshine, lawn mowing, birds and plenty of spring cleaning. I did the house yesterday. Furnace off, windows open and tunes cranked. It was lovely. Today I’ll finish it up by washing the windows and then pulling the weeds out of the garden to get ready for new stuff on Mother’s Day. I’m ready for bright colors and for my mood to improve. LOL

My punk is working all weekend and so is the husband so I basically have the house to myself. Seriously wonderful. Haha! Dog is asleep in the sun outside and the cat is passed out inside after ingesting a ton of catnip. A perfect Sunday if you ask me. 😉

I’ve cleaned up various computers and deleted a ton of stuff from them. I still haven’t installed Photoshop on this laptop. Not sure I’m going to. As much as I miss designing, I don’t miss the aggravation I get here at home when I open the laptop. It has now become a hobby I do when home alone (which is rarely). Oh well.

That being said I have no interest in being on the computer today. Too nice of a day to stay indoors. Time to clean the windows and get a sunburn. Ha!

Have a good week!!

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Hanging head

Posted on 8th March 2015 in Chattin'

I’m sort of hanging my head in shame here. It’s been almost two months since my last blog post here.

I have thought of blogging but that is as far as I got. There’s been a huge amount of personal turmoil  going on, none of which I feel like sharing at the moment , so blogging didn’t really interest me. I have been busy with work and going out with friends and chauffering my daughter back and forth to work. I haven’t had time to play in Photoshop and to be truthful I haven’t even installed it on my new laptop yet. I haven’t really felt to itch to either. When I do get the urge to play, it’s when my hubby is on a weekend of night shifts which is one weekend a month. I really enjoy the peace and quiet then. And the bed to myself. And the remote to myself. Haha.

I will in all probability be moving to Blogger because my website and hosting will soon be due and the cost to keep it running is ridiculous for the amount I use it. When I make the move, I will keep you updated to the link. Not that anyone really reads this one anyway. 😛

Well I’m off to make a pot of coffee to start my day and try to un-clutter the dining room a little. It seems to be the “catch-all” room lately.

Have a peaceful week!!

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Chit chat

Posted on 20th January 2015 in Chattin'


Not much to chit chat about actually but I am trying to get back into the habit of blogging semi-regularly. Haha!

It’s been pretty quiet on the homefront recently. We have all been busy with work, basement renos (which are NEVER ENDING). Most of the drywall is up now so the basement is nice and toasty for the first time in 19 years that we have been here. Warmer down there than it is upstairs actually. Lol!! We still have a TON of work to do but it seems to be easier now that we don’t need to have 5 layers of clothing on now just to stay warm. The planning of the plumbing is in the works now. The rough plumbing is done but now he’s fiddling with the rest of it so we don’t have to shut the water off for long when the new water heater gets installed and the other nonsense that is sitting waiting to be installed. So for now there is miles of copper pipe to be hooked up and endless trips to the hardware store. Keeps him out of my hair anyway. Ha!!

As for me i’m seriously looking forward to this weekend. Not only is hubby on night shift (haha), but I am going out for dinner on Friday night with the girls to celebrate a birthday and then on Saturday night they are all coming here again for girl’s night which means ugly jammies, appetizers and the cocktail of the night which will be Jack Frost.


I’m usually not a huge fan of “slushy” drinks (I prefer on ice) but it will be fun none the less getting hammered and noshing on food. One of the husbands is the DD so we can just kick back and get silly until the wee hours. We’ve been looking forward to this for six weeks now. There will be a crock pot of meatballs, dips, jalapeno poppers and fresh marinara, stuffed mushrooms, pizza bread, parmesan tortellini poppers and for dessert there will be cake batter cheesecake (because we can’t get together without a cheesecake involved).CAN’T WAIT. 😀

Julz has been busy with work at here part time job, studying for exams (starting this week) and yesterday she had a full mouth of braces installed. Her mouth hurts like a bugger. She’s hungry as hell but it hurts for her to open her mouth so for the next few days she’s sucking back protein shakes and soups through a straw. She has to go back to the orthodontist tomorrow morning as one of her brackets has popped off already. We were home less than a half hour yesterday when she noticed that. Ugh. It will take a few days for her gums to toughen up around the brackets so for now she’s raw and crabby. I remember those days well and all I can do is offer comfort, Advil and soft squishy food that can be sucked through a straw. LOL!!

Now you asked for a recent pic of Cheddar. Well here’s two of the woolly bugger. LOL!


He’s so shaggy but he’s so cute like this. We are putting off shaving him because it’s still pretty cold and he needs something to keep his butt warm.

Here he is on Christmas Day at my mom’s….


All turkey and gravy’d out… (cracks me up every time I look at that shot..)

Well that’s all the news for now.

Hope everyone is having a great week and I will touch base soon!!

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Posted on 1st January 2015 in Chattin'


I’d love to say that I had an awesome New Year’s but last night I worked. If you think serving drunks is awesome, then yes, it was AWESOME. (insert huge eye roll)

After 4 am the coffee shop was dead so the rest of my dragged like a turtle running through peanut butter. Brutal. I was glad to get home and go to bed. I swear I am getting too old for night shift. \i have one more shift to put in tonight and then I have the weekend off to recoup a little. I am not planning on doing anything exciting. Groeries, laundry and some seriously Bailey’s-in-my-coffee is in order. The last few weeks have been such a whirlwind with all the holiday hoopla that it will be lovely to just STOP.

New Year's Resolutions

Did you make resolutions? I usually don’t as I usually don’t follow through. I am planning on paying off my credit card and drinking more water but that is out of necessity and health reasons. The doctor wants me to drink more water to keep my kidneys healthy. It’s all part of keeping diabetes in check. It’s been a good year for me that way in that I got my sugar levels down to normal with diet changes, so I don’t need meds. As long as I keep at it, I can stay off meds. Treats like cheesecake, are a once a week (or two week) treats. Self control was hard to learn but now if I overdo it, I feel gross. It’s funny how how you feel when you take processed foods out of the equation and then have them as a treat. Blech.

Santa didn’t get the memo that I was naughty this year, so I had a really good Christmas. LOL!! I treated myself as well and bought myself a new touchscreen laptop. Not a huge fan of Windows 8 but I downloaded a wee program that changed it to the 7 interface which is much easier for me to navigate. Less frustration makes me easier to live with. Haha!!

We spent the holidays with my family and my husband’s family. It was nice but busy running the roads. We were so glad to get home and unload my truck. Poor thing was literally packed to the rafters. The poor dog had NO room to move.

So that was our holidays in a nutshell.

I’m looking forward to a better 2015. I don’t ask for much do I?

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New CU goodies at SugarHill Co!!

Posted on 7th December 2014 in GS Creations, Kim. B, Loucee Creations

As usual I am bringing up the rear with blogging (and lets face it, life in general). My three favorite designers have new commercial use stuffies in their stores at SugarHill Co and I am just now blogging about it. 😛

LouCee’s Creations has some rustic Christmas templates and some plaid ribbons that I just adore…



I LOVE rustic anything… 😀

GS Creations has some Christmas paper templates in her shop.


Y’all know by now how I feel about Gaye’s templates. 😛

And Kimmie? Well I swear KimB’s Designs is the most tolerant of the lot. LMAO!!!






She has been a wonderful friend to me this year. She knows all the crap I am going through and has been known to drop me a cartoon that makes me spew coffee out of my nose and brighten the day. I’m incredibly lucky she doesn’t fire my ass.:-P

These goodies are on sale for a few days , so if you want some new goodies to add to your stash, then this is the time!! Just sayin’… 😉

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New digital stunner by KimB’s Designs!!

Posted on 29th November 2014 in Kim. B

Holy crap!!!

Every now and then I see a kit that literally takes my breath away. I look at it, and say “THIS stunner was created in Photoshop?”

Yesterday was that day. Have a look-see…

Handmade With Love



Personally I love all the neutral colors. I really like the wee pops of red too but the neutrals are something I would use everyday..not just for Christmas. There’s a slew of co-ordinating goodies that go with this kit if you decide to purchase the collection.




The extras include:





Added to all this excitement is the fact that it is being sold in Kim’s new store at the Digital Press. A fun new venture with friends!

Lots of goodies and sales going on this weekend!


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Knock knock…anyone there?

Posted on 2nd November 2014 in Chattin', GS Creations, Kim. B, Loucee Creations


I swear I don’t know where this year has gone. Today is the first chance I’ve had in over a month to actually get on the computer. I usually quickly check stuff on my phone.


Isn’t that the truth….

What has  been keeping me so busy? Work. My personal life. Dance class. The kid’s personal life. The kid’s job. Renos (Basement is now insulated. Takes forever when hubby keeps getting called in for OT). and throw a few birthdays in there and we’ve been busier than shit. I haven’t had more than two minutes to myself because all it seems I do is RUN. Hubby is on straight night shift until after Christmas I think, so I’m doing the majority of the carpooling. No rest today as I have to drive to Caledonia to pick up the fundraising orders and pick up my daughter’s boyfriend. Next week it’s an honors ceremony at my daughter’s school and then company arrives. It’s never.ending. 😛

I am so behind in CT work. I logged on today and noticed there was a blog hop going on for National Digi-scrapping Day. I totally forgot about that one. Here’s some of the grab bags my girls have come up with that are still on sale (I checked)









I am DYING to get my hands on Gaye’s new templates!!! They are soo freaking sweet!!

Well I had better get my butt in gear. I am enjoying the time change and the quiet house because in less than two hours it will be chaos again. Have a great week folks!!

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Whirling dervish

Posted on 28th September 2014 in Chattin'


I just realized it  has been almost another six weeks since posting. I swear, time is a hot commodity. Who needs the lottery win? More hours in a day would be perfect!

It’s been a very stressful time for us. The cracked face my hubby received from his dad’s dog turned into a really ugly infection, a broken tooth and next week will be another dentist appointment where the tooth is pulled and get ready for a dental implant. Ugh. We will just slide our debit card down the crack of our ass to pay for it. Our Visa’s were temporarily cancelled because the bank noticed weird charges in Syria no less, so they cancelled the cards and issued us new ones. Not a problem except for monthly orthodontist payments are made with that Visa as well as cellphones so it was a bit of running around making new payments set up.

There has been lots going on, none of which I want to discuss on my blog. (Ha!) I just haven’t had any time to myself to stop and think.

Lately it seems that any luck we have is bad luck. So we just suck it up and move on….

Hope y’all are faring out much better!!

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Um, where did summer go?

Posted on 22nd August 2014 in Kim. B

According to my last blog post it was July 6th.  This is now the end of August. *facepalm*

This has been our summer.

  • baseball (some weeks it was 4 times a week. After a busy season they won the championship)
  • 10615493_10152623009421011_6397443517898075070_n
  • 10405427_10152625554376011_34277161979349997_n
  • work
  • sleep
  • renovations in basement (including removing concrete slab for drainage installation, rough plumbing, framing, a zillion trips to hardware store to buy stuff that someone forgot)
  • landscaping  (did some planting, replanting and carrying umpteen buckets of rocks from the field behind us and spread out 6 yards of mulch)
  • 10535652_10152595298391011_9082773813608015061_o (one of the gardens)
  • broken toes
  • cracked face (including black eye and dislodged molar from collision with Great Pyranese’ cement head)
  • overtime
  • more sleep
  • endlessly trucking our punk to various babysitting jobs, sleepovers, festivals, shopping trips)
  • standing Friday lunch dates with my punk (she’s getting older and she enjoys time with just me as she realizes her father is a tool. LOL)

That’s been our summer. Work. Sleep. Construction. Nothing fun as a family. We haven’t had time. The punk starts Grade 10 in a week and we’ve had the boring-est summer ever. LOL! I will say however, that I’m glad school is going back because the punk needs to be back on a routine. No more of this staying up until 3 in the morning every night shit. (I sleep better during the day when she’s in school too as there isn’t an endless drone of talking on Skype, cackling at Vine videos and watching endless scary movies).

This morning was the first time I’ve been on the computer in 6 weeks. I clear out emails and check Facebook from my phone for the most part but as far as replying to anything I haven’t been on the desktop. I was seriously stunned by how much I’ve missed as far as KimB’s Designs, GS Creations and Loucee’s Creations new CU releases. Ugh. I seriously suck as a CT member this year. I did notice Kim has a new grab bag out for the month of September….



I will definitely be checking this out!!

Well sadly I’ve been yakking too long. We have company company tomorrow and a ton of errands to get done today. Also cleaning. Ugh. Besides blogging, cleaning is another thing I haven’t done in six weeks….

Make it a good one! Until next time! 😉


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